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Physical exercise is part of the life of one who is traveler towards embracing Messiah. Sports begins with an S. And it is built of these S’s:

Stamina: For that, one should exercise his breath to be able to,

  • Breathing correctly in different environments. Breathing for crawl swimming is different from breast strokes and it is different from football. The best practice starts from aerobic, female led exercises. Yoga has a rhythmic training of inhale-exhale which improves the good breathing habit.
  • One should gain endurance in reaching to highest rate of his heart beat. Rope skipping is one good way of training high heart beat endurance. If you are doing more than two hundred fifty jumps rope skip in one go, you should check first for being in normal cardiovascular health, in particular in terms of weight and blood pressure. Otherwise you can divide it in many sessions of skipping with less number of jumps. You can check with a doctor in case of any doubt.
  • be able to keep continuity of a high heart beat rate.

  • When after some (intense) activity, you become breathless it means that your body needs more oxygen to burn your food. It frequently means that you do not have enough sugar in your blood stream to burn. At this time body starts to break fats. Fats are sugar particles (molecules) attached together to reduce the space they need for storage. They go away from the blood streams towards the skin to keep the way open for passage of blood. Body needs extra effort to break those heavy molecules into the lighter sugar molecules, brings them back to the blood stream and burns them; hence, more oxygen is required. This is the reason that people who select a regime to become slim commit to heavy exercise. You are burning doubly, than without doing exercise, and just eat less and try to push fats into the burning in place of the food that usually you used to have. Accompanying with breathlessness, the pressure of blood increases to overcome the kinetic of fuelling the body.

  • If that pressure does not return to its normal values after minutes of rest, especially in heavier, overweight and/or older people, body sustains the breathlessness. Then you should revise your exercise plan or if you have access to a physician seek for their help. By steadfastness you can overcome that barrier if you are not clinically a hypertension person by birth. You can revise and revise until you get the right style of exercise and gradually push it further until you become fit within extreme limitation of your flesh. Even if you have a compulsory goal, such as being a soldier or a member of a liberation movement, a policeman, an athlete who is living by his body skills, a dancer, an actor or an actress, or similar situations, you should consider that that goal is better achieved by entertaining yourself during exercise and trying to enjoy it.


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