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Physical exercise is part of the life of one who is traveller towards embracing Messiah. Sports begins with an S. And it is built of these S's:

  1.   Steadfastness: This is the beginning of your commitment. You should resolute to overcome the boredom and hardship of regular exercise if you are to improve your body and soul conditions.
  2.   Stamina: For that, one should exercise his breath to be able to... read more
  3.   Suppleness: It means that a sports person should be able to move parts of their bodies to the ultimate of the natural possibility in all possible directions without being hurt or later on feeling pain.
  4.   Strength: Means you can exert force to the ultimate of human capability against a resisting body whether it is a material thing or it is a living thing ... read more.
  5.   Speed: You should be able to do things in the fastest possible way in the shortest time interval.
  6.   Seriousness: Your mood should be serious when you are doing things. A serious person is in the elated mood (feeling of being in charge).
  7.   Skill: You should remember in motor a set of motions and actions without thinking to them.

  1.   Smoothness: Means being dancing, taking time in your performance
  2.   Severity: Means being rough and tough;
    • Your skin, muscles and joints should be able to accommodate certain level of attack and friction.
    • Your body should be familiar with impact to the floor and become used to jump and falling.
  3.   Spontaneity: Means to be relax, do not blame, sting, bite yourself for missing a day, an event, a victory, a target.
  1.  Sense-stability: You should be able to orient yourself in all directions against adversary conditions. For healthy people, ... read more
  2.  Safety: You should be able to sustain your own safety and those who are in the same side as your team or partner or pupil or educator and friendly competitors. There are frequent occasions that you have to guarantee the safety of a hostile opponent when exercising your physical capability gained through your sports activities. You are not allowed to pass human limits in suppressing an attack to become a violent devastating counter-attack. Keep the margin of safety to its maximum possible width at all arenas.That increases the strength of a powerful body language that in similar occasions will act as a silent deterrent in your favour.

  1.  Sensibility-Sanity: One should be able to tailor sporting activities for his own ability age gender time money. One should not experience persisting pain, swelling, bruise, cramp, numbness, breathlessness, dizziness, black out, out of his daily sports activities. If happened should stop that activity until all symptoms go away, and meanwhile contact a physician if he is available. Also the blood pressure should return to its normal average after some rest
  2.  Sustenance: One should tailor a proper food habit according to the plan that they have for their sport activity.
  1.  Spirit: One should have courage to learn and apply new activities.
  2.  Self-effacement: One should remain humble in his sport. Sometimes, like in martial arts, it is compulsory not to show off. Some opponents might decide to use weapons against a showing off martial artist.
  1.  Senior-ship: One should train himself to be able to teach his sports skills to others.
  2.  Summational-Synthetical: It means being summative and integrating in gathering capacities mentioned in this page, assess yourselves, join together what you have acquired and gain insight in longer periods of time; use them in a summative and positive way for the well being of yourself and benefits of other humans, and nature.

So with the “Sport” included we can remember these S’s.


This list ends to X, Y and Z:

  • X-treme environments: One should keep his body awareness in cold, rain, snow, and heat and dust.
  • Yoga: Means to get tranquillity out of doing sports and get to total peace with the flesh of self and his environment in one solid piece
  • Zen: Means the traveller accepts pain in peace. One should get himself to the border of pain and remain motionless and silent in that border until he forgets that pain and only remembers pain of Messiah and safely pushes that border further with practice. It is further than "yoga" in that that the traveller is not even one solid piece. He does not exist anymore. He disappears from the material world and allows Messiah to paint the material world with the beautiful image of the traveller's soul. The traveller becomes inside out to embrace the whole universe.
    • Click here for a small wiki describing a very basic Zen technic (How to Sleep in Zen Relax). This wiki is part of this website but already has been published somewhere else

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