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To get a better understanding of the food in the body of humans consider these:

  • One cannot live without air more than three minutes.
  • One cannot live without water more than three days, having air only.
  • One cannot live without food more than three weeks with only water.
  • One cannot live without vitamins more than three months, with water salt and sugar.
  • One cannot live without light more than three years.
  • One cannot rejuvenate more than thirty years, after that you start to age.
  • One cannot relate after three generations. No bound of parenthood love establishes between you and children of your grand children.
  • One cannot be remembered more than three hundred years, after which he is not recognisable in his generation, all mixed with strangers.
  • One cannot be remembered at all even in name after three thousand years.
  • One deforms in species after thirty thousand years.
  • One belongs to another species after three hundred thousand years.

  • To live one needs only air, water, salt, sugar, vitamins and light.
  • For rejuvenation one needs minerals.
  • Having all these one can improve his life with vegetables.
  • To live longer and sustain cold, one needs to add seeds to his diet.
  • One needs to cook to match his evolving metabolism with ease of digestion and eliminate rival bacteria that attack the food and the man.
  • Occasionally man needs cooked meat, too; from land, sea, or air.
  • Occasionally man needs wine, ... and eggs, and honey.
  • When man craves for seasonings, could be that he finds trace elements in them.Enjoy them! But not that much that transforms your natural odour of skin.

  • One who arranges for his diet should look and ask his body what it might need, genuinely. One should avoid any meat, dairy, and egg on the "firdDay" of Messiah's calendar every "Penteh" all year.

Messiah said these on foods when he opened the door to a stranger.

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