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When you are reading a book sometimes you get to a phrase that looks significant for you. It could be that it is important, or it might be difficult to understand, or you may have a comment about it. It is where you stop moving ahead for a moment or for a long time. You might become so perplexed that stop the reading, sometimes without ever continuing that book. Later you remember only that point. Other parts are triviality. You might start your research from that point into a new realm of thoughts. It was the habit in the ancient time, when books were dear and people did not vandalise them by highlighting, that the reader put a dot, a very small dot there such that later they can return and find that point and think about it. They called it "Dot of Doubt," where and when you had a moment of doubt in your mind about the subject matter of the small universe of the book. That dot is not part of the context of the book. It is not written by the author. It has no meaning in it. It is shapeless. It is not your thoughts about the book. It has no significance for you, or for anybody.

What is that dot? It is the point that pivots your mind with the mind of the author. It is unification of observer and observed. That unifies you with the book and with the author. Author has created the book and you only have created a dot, a "Dot of Doubt" in that book. It is the point of singularity that passes the created into the creator's realm. You become as humble as a dot and then you pass into the other realm. That is the ascending point to the heaven.

Messiah is that dot. Messiah is the "Dot," ... "Dot of Doubt," ... "Dot of Certitude," ... "Dot of ...."

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