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Recently, there has been much noise about Holy Grail, Royal Blood, or blood line of Jesus Christ all interpreted as Jesus Christ had a child or some children. A child carried the holy blood of Christ and that blood has survived by bearing children of their own and there are people living around at this time from that tree. They support the hypothesis by attributing strange stories related to Knights of Temple, as they pretended to know a secret inside t heir rings about the blood line of Christ. According to teachings of Christianity during the history, Jesus Christ never married a woman to bring children about. This story is in contrast to stories of Holy Grail. Being descendents of a prophet is also claims of many living people know themselves children of Moses or Muhammad, as history of these two prophets of God admits their marriage and their having off-springs.

That idea, interpretation of blood line as the off-spring of Jesus Christ is not correct. Bloodline is a mystic idea originating from ancient Iranian mythology. This mythology has been retold in the book, Shahnameh, the grand masterpiece of Iranian poet, Ferdowsi at the outset of Modern Persian before all those stories become forgotten in their older language forms (written in scattered Middle Persian documents). It is about a warrior, a devout knight of Zoroaster faith. His name was Siavoush. He was from a concubine of an ancient king and became cultivated with all cares provided for great prince-warriors and had an episode with his step-mother, the queen, similar to story of Joseph. He did not succumb to intrigues of the queen but then was accused by the failed woman that he wanted such an affair with her. Then he passed the ordeal of passing through the fire such that fire decides for his innocence or guilt (fire considered being a sacred entity with its own spirit in Zoroastrian faith). He came out victorious. To be far from the vicious queen and relax from that trauma, and partly due to suspicion of his father he goes to foreign wars. But his purity and charisma already had made him very popular with the people in the hostile country and could settle the war peacefully and enemy accepted him as their own prince and a symbol of peace. He then marries a girl of nobility of those people and king forfeit running the country to him. After this he became target of jealousy of courtiers and especially one of the chancellors, famous for being treacherous. At last they could succeed in their plot to convince the king that Siavoush should be killed for treason. And they burnt the city that Siavoush had made as the new capital and decapitated Siavoush in a silver tub. As he always was peaceful in spite of being the great warrior and settling things wisely and was very charismatic people of two countries that he belonged became sad and pour out of their homes with black banners beating on their chests woeing and crying in mourning covering all the city with black curtains. This became repeated every year known as the "Siavoush-an" on the anniversary of that event. He became prince-warrior of Ahoramazda, the Lord in Zoroastrian faith.

Mystics believe Siavoush is the beginning of blood line, an innocent head cut for the sake of pureness and owner of that head had been actually in defence of the faith of the newly sent messenger of God, Zoroaster, as could be understood by only a group of inner circles aware of secrets of the religion at stake. Then mystics say that the bloodline poured on the soil find its way into the veins of "Yahya" that is, John the baptiser who was killed in a similar way with all innocence actually in defence of incipient Christianity. Accordingly, the bloodline of Jesus Christ, the innocent blood shed for his cause is the blood of John the Baptiser.

Then it gets to Islam. Muhammad knew his own uncle "Hamzeh" the bloodline of his religion. A prestigious warrior who came to defend Muhammad at the time that street thugs were behaving with Muhammad like a lunatic, jeering and suffering him. Later Hamzeh, while fighting in a battle alongside Mohammad, was killed as a warrior by a paid assassin attacked him from the behind. Mystics believed that his death did not meet the criteria for the bloodline as it should be accompanied with other conditions such as loneliness of the victim at the arena. For them that bloodline goes to Hussein grandson of Muhammad from his daughter, Fatimah. She was the only child that survived from Muhammad in his life. It is believed that God has named her as the spring or fountain (Arabic: Kawthar) in Quran. Hence, any descendant of Muhammad was called “Bani-Fatimah.” It means children of Fatimah. Hussein was killed in a cruel way while defending small number of his family accompanying him in a desert called Karbala, now in Iraq. He was killed like a prince-warrior fighting against injustice. His head was sent at the tip of a spear to the ruling caliph at Damascus. After that event in many parts that already people were remembering "Siavoush-an" and had converted to the new religion of Islam, people changed those ceremonies of woe and beating on their chests to the name of Hussein and gradually "Siavoush-an" became forgotten. Even black banner of "Siavoush-an" became banner of Abbasid dynasty who overthrew the Omavid of Damascus, (and selected Baghdad near Karbala as their war head quarter) partly in pretending as the revenge of Hussein. Here two things become confused and fused together bloodline of Siavoush, John the baptiser and Hussein as the blood shed of a pure innocent warrior-defender of faith and justice become mixed with the womb that carried Hussein to this world and who was off-spring of Muhammad. So some people believed it was the issue of a superior womb involved not the blood of an innocent man killed in all innocence by a cruel agent for the cause of a new message from the God. This is not the case. It is not the matter of flesh. It is the matter of blood only. Reason is that the Moslem mystics continue the bloodline after Hussein to a man, to a mystic called “Manssoor, the cotton dresser” whom is believed to become enchanted by looking into the [face of] God and started to call himself “the God” in front of people. Mystics believed he discovered the great divine secret but could not hold him together to keep that secret as he should and after the grand unification with the cosmos, with the God and the universe and all being could not remember and recognise himself as himself and shouting with the earthly mouth but with the voice of God. They believe it was actually God who was talking not him. The zealots of religion caught him and hanged him. Actually he said to people that he was the justice, the righteous to deliver the justice. He called himself as “Al-hagh.” That word figuratively means The God, but also means the right and the just in Arabic. You can see mystics knew that there was nothing regarding “off-springs” of a prophet in the “bloodline.” Read more on Fatimah and Mary and their roles (please click) here.

For Moslem mystics that bloodline continues into the fourteenth century mystic warrior, social reformer and Iranian poet “Emaadoddin Nassimi” who gathered people in a revolt in “Darband” and “Baku” in Caucasia and one of his main beliefs was that not only “first it was words” but also “first it was dots and letters and phonemes.” (What is in a (click) dot?) He was some one dangerous for the government and on the excuse of blasphemy they killed him cruelly. After that we do not have a certain candidate for continuation of that line. Modern Marxist movements give that position to “Che Guevara.”

Story of Knights of Temple starts from where they were mixed with all types of mysticism and secret and open ideas, religious factions and cults around these bloodlines. Head of Hussein had been interred out of the walls of Ashkelon (Asqallan) in Levant. (for almost five hundred years). Until 1160 the head was there but at that date it (the soil) was carried to a mosque in Cairo now known as “Al-Hussein Mosque.” After death of Hussein, great number of people under different causes and agendas had affiliated them to his movement for popularity as justice seekers or really whole-heartedly and Hussein was a very sacred entity for different factions who were in power or seeking the power and were living in Levant at the time of Crusades. There had been a shrine over that grave sacred for people and even after the fall of Ashkelon (Asqallan) in the hands of Crusaders it had been left respected and untouched. Among the followers of Hussein, rulers of Egypt were attributing themselves to “Bani-Fatimah” calling themselves “Fatemid.” Other factions such as “Assassins”, or “Esmailieh” and Alavid, and Shiah's and also Sunni's knew themselves very respectful to “Bani-Fatimah.” Head of Hussein on the tip of the spear was drawn with charcoal on a piece of wood were used as a sacred icon, believed to be a real picture. People were too mixed and in close proximity of each other and with all hostility were passing ideas to each other, doing trade against the rules, were confederating against their faiths for power and other worldly affairs of real day to day importance. Among them was good and secret relation of Assassins with Knights of Temple who both were enjoying similar temper and manner and tactics. In later centuries, the “Knights of Temple” confessed to a sin as worshipping the head, or worshipping “Baphomeh.” Simply they had mispronounced the vulgarly articulated Arabic “Bano-Fatmeh” to “Bafomeh” If you consider that the Arabic word “Al-Khwarizmi” has been translated by Syrian Latin translators to very far pronunciation “Algorithm” you accept that my description is the most accurate ever to reality. As Moslems had confused the bloodline of mysticism with the holy womb of Fatimah, or perhaps as a matter of faith had unified them, the Knights of Temple who were very zealot towards Jesus Christ tried to imitate it in having a holy blood mixed with a holy womb of their own accompanied with the worship of a decapitated head (perhaps John the Baptiser they meant). Add to this the fact that already being a descendent of Moses in Judaism (a Kohen; yes, Aaron was prince-warrior of Moses delivering his message, the words) or a descendent of Mohammad in Islam (a Sharif Sayyed) was a source of prestige power and wealth, inventing of such a descendent for Jesus Christ could be of urgent usefulness in Christendom in middle ages.

This description clears all the past and recent stories. But it has a relation to understanding Messiah who lives among us at the time of writing this article. There is a man in a corner who is a prince warrior and he is of high and firm position with all acceptance of the society who comes and shed his blood for the Messiah and when he wanes Messiah waxes. That should not be confused with off-spring. Messiah is not the target of blood line. Blood line is in the usual context of human atrocities to each other. Messiah’s suffering is something completely different and phenomenologically plotted by Satan, who is the same as Anti-Christ.

Human soul is aware of that pain. Human soul knows it through the Spirit of Sanctuary (Rouh-ol-ghodoss). That is the global mind (sacred mind) of humans who survive the Armageddon of Anti-Christ. They repair that fortress later by remembering the Christ, remembering Messiah's pain. Messiah's honour is the global mind of human. It becomes desecrated and raped by Anti-Christ. That is the rape of phallus of human beings by their enemy, Satan the perfect plotter. Satan has not a tool of rape but the tail of serpent in his mouth. It is the way that Messiah's mind, the phallus of humans becomes raped. Words become raped and used for prostitution instead of being used for reason. Words come from the Global Mind and words are the stones of foundation and walls of the sanctuary where every human can refuge and feel safe. It is the reservoir that ascend humans (and behind him all the living creatures and behind them all the universe) into being conscious that they are living, and they are here to stay. Satan is bearer of fire and rapes that sanctuary and puts it ablaze, exposes the inner world of human, the inner world of the world. After Messiah becomes crucified again in Satanic ritual of human sacrifice, humans feel regret and try to rebuild their temple by sharing that immense, endless pain imposed on Messiah when he was among them and they were ignorant to his fight with Anti-Christ. They know that nothing compensate that pain, as much groups of humans, generations after generations, imitate a physical pain by beating on their chests. They also glorify the phallus of Messiah by creating a sacred line of off-springs of Messiah in shape of David's Star (male-female), Cross of Jesus (male), Crescent Of Fatimah (female: Kawthar), each with their phallic hints towards generative power of Messiah at each time and era.

- "I suffer you till your eyes shed blood instead of tears," said antichrist to Messiah when they met.

The question remains if Jesus Christ had offspring. Answer is surely affirmative. He had a daughter from Mary Magdalene and from her generation after generation there were more children and they mixed with people in marriage and nurtured godly element of man against Antichrist.

There is no way to trace the offspring of prophets in later generations. They are all hidden. It is only claims of impostors to gain respect and power and wealth. As Muhammad said, "A slave has no difference with a master of my own (Quraysh) tribe. Only one who believes (in god) more is dearest." And only god can recognise who believes more.

Such said Messiah, since many humans, recently, have worked on understanding it without conclusive answer.

  bloodline1 "I suffer you till your eyes shed blood instead of tears," said antichrist to Messiah when they met.
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