How to Learn to Speak Italian

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Want to learn Italian? Want to speak with foreigners? Traveling to Italy any time soon? Want to read Dante in its original form? This article is for you!


  1. Be honest with yourself if you are really motivated to learn a new language.
    • Do you really need it as a result of a marriage or partnership?
    • Do you need due to urgent handsomely profitable business?
    • Do you have to live in that country and communicate with the people?
    • Are you doing a course in modern languages and need to pass with a good mark.
    • At last (and could be at least) you might have a passion or a whim.
  2. Note that listening to Italian for one who is fluent in English brings the idea that he already knows a majore part of that language. This is somehow correct as there are many English words through French or directly through the Latin words root from the same root as Italian.
  3. Alarm yourself that when you start to learn Italian put that idea aside and consider that it could be as alien as Chinese or polynesian language. Consider that German is root of English and English is a deformed version of German, but that does not make learning German an iota easier for English speaker.
  4. Put the idea of "Direct Method" aside if you are more than twelve-year-old. Direct method means memorising sessions of a language from easy situations to more complicated settings.
  5. Learn the pronunciation. You'll be much clearer in your speaking. Also, you will understand others as well if you recognize the word.
  6. Move the next hurdle from your way. English has got only four articles for any noun, a, an, the and the. English also does not have gender as such. Italian language has articles for nouns and gender is important in the language.
  7. Learn the basic conversation phrases: "Ciao!", "Come ti chiami?", "Piacere", etc.
  8. Do not join these "Speak Fluent Italian in Eight Weeks" things. They just waste your time and money.
  9. Buy a phrase book! Whenever you get a spare moment, study it!
  10. If you cannot travel to Italy, simulate the immersion in the language. Watch movies without subtitles, or read Italian newspapers.


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