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Original sin is when man surrogates Satan!


When Messiah comes to earth and He comes when Anti-Christ appears among man. And anti-Christ appears as Messiah's born. At the time that this happens, Anti-Christ asks people to suffer Messiah in the way that It teaches them.

People immediately surrender to the will of Satan. How Anti-Christ can convince every and each people It asks to collaborate with Its will?

Human beings, regardless of being male or female have phallus, their keys to existence, to the sanctuary and global reservoir, global mind of humans, global mind of all existing things.

Anti-Christ has n't got a phallus similar to each and every other humans, regardless of being male or female, though It looks like in Its embodiment to other humans. It is actually in search of taking, stealing and having a phallus, the key to existence.

Anti-Christ has got the tail of snake, instead. It mesmerise the victim into the panic and shock of oblivion.

In encounter to the victim, anti-Christ sucks and removes the victim's phallus. The victim became deprived and locked out from access to the reservoir, to the paradise, sanctuary and garden of Eden. Instead, Satan has got his key. Satan tries the key with no avail. It only wastes that human without that key having any use for It. Satan uses the neutralised, wasted man, as a zombie, as a machine that only follows instructions of Anti-Christ.

The victim surrogates Anti-Christ, who is the mind reader, in suffering Messiah. When that zombie encounters Messiah, it bites phallus of Messiah to get it for the Anti-Christ to remedy the destitution of Anti-Christ.

Phallus of Messiah is the skeleton key, the master key, to the global mind; is the centre piece of the puzzle and the blue print and mould of creation and the jumping point of man to eternal existence in the road of evolution into the next stage of beingness.

When man surrogates Satan and inflicts pain on Messiah he commits the original sin; loses his phallus and becomes one like Satan - barren and destructive.


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