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Universe in the modern mind is not that small pond and human as a big fish in it. Earth is not even a dot of dust in the hurricane of creation. The whole solar system is that dot. Human has no significance in this universe. For the universe, he does not exist with any effect at all. The entire chain of human evolution is just a fraction in a fraction of life time of universe. For human something is happening there but for the universe nothing is happening here. Our humble events happens among the tumult of explosion of galaxies that accommodate billions of stars similar to our sun and birth of new galaxies and billions of stars inside them, crash of such unimaginable bodies together and collapse and crush of such immense bodies into the smaller bodies. In such a scene we expect that Messiah should be resurrected to prepare armies and battalions for an expedition around the good ancient Levant for the sake of few hundred angry people. That means that God is not a cosmological concept. He is a political activist in search of popularity and winning over a rival political party. If God is in charge of such troublesome universe, then why he does not change the result of polls? This is another reason that tells human that he should put away whatever he already believes is the reason for Messiah resurrection.

Where does the modern mind go?

First version:

At these days, it is possible that if some one's heart becomes very ill, they replace it for him if a donor heart can be found. What is bad about it? Nothing! It makes your life longer. Well, it has not details of the original heart. For example you do not enjoy exercise. You do not have blood pressure and feedback to your mind in that sense. Exercise is the fight with death. You already had lost that fight. It is better, notwithstanding, than being all dead. But don’t worry Herr Sinclair †. Sooner or later they will be able to clone your heart with all of its nerves in-place. They put a seed there and it grows into your genetically natural heart. They'll do it though it takes one hundred years from now.

You do not believe? In nineteen oh six, university professors of fluid dynamics were teaching their students that if a train gets a speed more than one hundred and forty miles (200 Kilometres per hour) the air inside the wagons would vacuum out and nobody survives. Therefore they believed no machine could fly due to the fact that it should accelerate to two hundred kilometres per hour and air being vacuumed kills any passenger. Now it has passed one hundred years and millions are flying everyday without any suffocation. They are going to do that ‘in-place’ and 'fast' cloning also with other parts of your body, too, if you are damaging them or if they become old and dysfunction. What if your head explodes on your way to holiday on Mars? Then you are beyond economic repair.

Happily a solution exists. From the time that you are born from the incubator (nobody will toil to become pregnant in those days) a small chip transmits, uploads, all your moment-by-moment experience of life to a secure centre to be kept on a yotta-byte sim-card. The uploaded information includes, among other things, details of all biochemistry of your body (emotions) at any moment of your life. That sim-card, then, is ‘you’! If something happens to your brain, they clone all of ‘you’ and download your ‘you’ from your sim-card to your brain and you restart (reboot) from the moment after brain death. You even have the experience of the moment of that accident, beyond the point of death. Well, they do it say in one thousand year from now, but they'll do it. Then why do you need any ‘body’ at all?

You can remain a sim-card forever and inside that 'you' can create books and planets and galaxies and population and friends and get energy from sunshine and live forever. You can create images of sim-cards who like caricatures believe that they exist and can walk and have philosophical minds, and while they are just passing of humble photonic pulses (or what I may call it in future) inside your sim-card, they figure out big pictures about creation and aims of their supposed universe. How they can wake up from that horror, from their nightmare?

foot note: † Herr Sinclair, by Hermann Hesse

Where does the modern mind go?

Conclusion of the first version

Appreciate that old theology, that is, philosophical discussion of religion (also called divine philosophy) that studies reason and logic of conceiving god regardless of what is quoted from messengers and advertised after them by the preachers and clerics, whether they belonged to and orthodoxy of ecclesiasticism or independent thinking philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, many among them, had such a belief that universe is something in the mind of god and nothing exists out there. There is nothing as out there at all. Everything is an image (such as Plato's "idea") in the mind of god. Everything is "in"; there is no "out." Only that we should find it out to get the unification with god.

Where does the modern mind go?

Second version:

In preparation

Where does the modern mind go?

Conclusion of the second version

In preparation

Where does the modern mind go?

Scientific fight with atheists: is it possible?

In preparation

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