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Messiah: Of God and Salmons
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Messiah: Of God and Salmons

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Salmons play a significant role in our discussion of Messiah. Salmons are very amazing in that they come to earth, they are born, in a sweet water spring. They go downstream to ocean and, years later, for reproduction they return upstream in spite and against many dangers and hurdles, jumping up against water-falls and cliffs back to their birth place. They know the way back by instinct.

After their spawning they all die. I use only abstraction of this event to give a gleam of light in other arguments that we have. Our question is not to investigate how the salmon navigates back to his birth place. How he is programmed to jump up the cliff that he once had swam down after his birth. What we propose is a lesson and we use a small piece of mathematics, later, to fortify only that lesson.

Salmons go upstream from the ocean to where they were born. Before being born their parents had died. They had come downstream from their birthplace to the ocean. Now after some years they should go back to the same place for mating. They remember the way and they remember the information passed to them for existence. Under the stress of that information they change from their sane behaviour. None of them is an individual hearing only his own voice. They hear voices that show the way back to the upstream. None of them dies on the way even though they are caught by predators. They are all replicas for the same thing. They are not under sex agitation. They are extended existence of a non-localised salmon. Only one salmon should reach to mating place and that one will reach. Already when they were back there, in the ocean, they were individual, distinct, and independent salmons.

People say genes are involved and they are going to find them in future. If somebody understands the story of patterns of shuffled playing cards, he understands what is the chance of finding those genes. If there is a gene it would be found in all individuals. Hence that has not a trace. It is in a realm that goes away from recognition when you approach to it. That knowledge keeps its distance all the time with a beholding “verstand.” The effect at the proper time becomes turned on, but genes are not involved in it. Only information are passed; from one individual to another individual. It is not known, that human can decipher that encryption. It could be propagation of an effect.

I did not mean a metaphor. They 'really' do it. You can go there in Alaska and watch them. They are there. They are mad. I am interested in the way that they pass information to each other; they are coordinated in one entity. Many primitive tribes wanted to reach to such stage by dancing before a war. They even choose the salmon as their totem. They want to hear the voices of each other in unison, like salmons. The others choose other totems, for example a parrot, such that during the dancing they can engrave the word and image of the parrot in their minds as the key for their communication at the time of the war. It could help them to extend their existence, such that not to recognize their own individuality and their individual life at stake. Modern people, still, follow these ideas in armies and elsewhere.

What happens if a salmon becomes aware that he is an individual going upstream for mating? He lose his existential erection (all we say is genderless). That salmon becomes “I know!” It means that, “It does not know!” That is, “IT does not know that IT does not know!”

The secret is that, in the salmon story that was told, none of the salmons who come to world at the pond becomes separated from that point in a special type of space. They always live at that point. They are ready to be used as the second copy of that cosmological salmon. They are motionless there. It is not that simple mechanical mind of some people believe that salmons have a magnet to navigate. Humans always are ready to show off their stone axe, their knowledge and inventions to the nature, as if nature should use only the things that humans have discovered, have learned so far.

When I say the salmons do not move from their birthplace at the top of the stream is something new. We are in ocean with salmons. But, salmons remain at the spring all the time in their existential dimension, in their existential space of salmons.

Salmons, too, all have a communication card built in each of them with the picture of a salmon on it. Then when it comes the time that they should return upstream those cards inhibit each individual salmon as an individual and gives only one collective signal to all as one single salmon. That single one communally has coordinates of the uphill fountain and push all of them towards that point. There are some nodal-point salmons who are more alert and irritated; they co-ordinate the signal. They do not know. They are only more passionate.

There is one salmon, which is not excited. IT is all alone dark, deep in the darkness there. IT has not that picture that others have. IT only “knows.” In ITs cold-bloodedness IT wishes pain, death and extinction for ITs own specimen. IT is not even a salmon. IT only looks like a salmon. IT is the carrier of all un-holiness. IT is the anti-pole.

Now, who keeps the tempo for long journey of salmons back uphill to spring? Who sends inhibition signal to salmons in the ocean and leads them upstream. That One is the spring. Spring sends the signal. HE is all; only, geometry of space-time-existence. Salmons are with their own Messiah and have been interwoven in the texture of space-time-existence from the beginning of their grand unification-the physical grand unification. With the stretch of space-time-existence they do not forget each other. When they put their pieces of their jigsaw puzzle together, behold, it is the picture of one salmon. The geometry of that jigsaw leads them.

What happens to that look-alike-salmon? IT is thirsty in search of blood. IT is hungry in search of flesh. IT is searching to find parts of jigsaw puzzle. IT goes to first salmon and says, “I know.” Salmons confuse that “word” with knowledge. They become cheated that IT gives them the knowledge and power of the god. IT only steals a piece of jigsaw puzzle from him. After that the cheated salmon becomes “I know!” IT throws away that piece in the darkness of ocean and goes to next salmon: steals his piece too; again the same result. Nobody can fulfil the thirst and hunger of anti-pole. It asks endlessly everybody to join to ITs plot. Many salmons become interested. That plot never gets to its end, without any salmon understand that they are sacrificing their own connecting keys on the altar of their enemy. Few salmons become very irritated shouting, "Enemy! Enemy!" but with no avail.

When it comes the time to go back and everybody hears the sweet melody of the spring, salmons start to move to the spring. Those who have lost their own pieces of jigsaw to the plotter they only know: they know that every and each of salmons dies on the way or after mating in the upper spring. These are who believe that they have knowledge and power of god. (Others who did not join the plotter have not such knowledge.) Those who know remain in the ocean, evading the certain death. But, then, a time comes that they feel thirsty. They are craving and burning for the sweet water of the river. But, they have to drink from salty water of ocean instead. Together with the plotter they remain there thirsty forever, drinking from the brine that makes them more thirsty, more burning.

Every and each salmons dies on the way or after their mating. What happens to their connecting pieces of jigsaw? Pieces become connected together in the jigsaw puzzle. It perpetually remains in spring. They are there in spring in one image. They have never been in ocean. Each salmon says to him, "See, I didn't know. I am still alive! Look at the space-time-existence, I am all. I am the pole. I am there living forever in this sweetest water, mating and playing and creating the entire universe. Those unfathomable whirlpools of oceans are just little marbles in my hand." He beholds a picture of him. He sees his tail, his perfect body, young and everlasting. Then a day comes that the Jigsaw Puzzle, The Messiah, should call their 'next generation, the shattered puzzle scattered in the ocean' back again from the ocean. They, or rather HE, play the sweet melody of the spring (sanctuary). The melody tunes pieces of jigsaw to connect salmons in the ocean to the coordinates of the spring. Salmons see themselves in the ocean and in the spring. They are eternally in the spring before they even move. They never had gone to return. They are everywhere interwoven with the spring.

Where ends the story of salmons? It might happen that in each sojourn number of salmons that terminate in the salty waters of ocean increase and the those who hear summon of the spring become less. Then the reconstruction of the 'Jigsaw Puzzle' becomes more and more difficult. Then, it may come a day that a salmon finds his beautiful picture in the texture of space, time and spring and becomes a perfect salmon. When salmons are back in the ocean the 'Thing' the annihilation comes and ask each salmon to find out who is near to be the 'Perfect Salmon' to inflict pain and suffering on him. All salmons say, “we do not know about the whereabouts of the perfect salmon.” The 'Thing' says, "I know!" and spoils their pieces of puzzle.

If a salmon does not lose his connection key then he understands that the perfect salmon only carries the beautiful picture of the specie, that is the map to the spring and He does not want any reward for that because he cannot ask for reward. He is part of the rules of nature and He is not dependent to the interpretation of other salmons. Nothing, he bothers. He does not know anything or does not want to reward or punish or becomes boss. Those who take the picture would go to spring and create existence. The only miracle is that picture. There is no angle, no way around no short path, no privilege. Those who do not take the picture, they remain in the thirst and impotence of the salty ocean.

In the stories you have heard that the little finger of the boy could stop demolishing a country from flooding. We now know that such thing is possible. From the Book of Noah we understand its meaning. It needs that only one soul gets to spring of salmons. That single one is all the salmons. He weaves back the universe when the Ark settles on the mountain after end of flood. We do not know who is weak and dysfunction and who is able and functional. Nature has hidden that from us. There is always a surprise behind the next bend.

The melody that Messiah plays make the individuals to lose their individuality and immerse into the global mind. When one has not individuality he does not care for his individual existence and cannot see himself. He only has the address of that spring and should get to there. He is in constant connection with the global mind and is agitated to get to that place. Satan shows how human can lose that immersion and gets consciousness to that secret world of collective knowledge. Satan wants to annihilate the human being and the universe that human has his existence within and without. Pieces of jigsaw are just pieces. They are not the whole. Satan informs pieces with the knowledge of making them pieces. Pieces do not go anywhere. They always remain pieces if they “know” that they are pieces. They suddenly see their own nakedness. They will fall out of the heaven; the paradise becomes lost. The knowledge that Satan offers is that, not the knowledge of the God. There is no god. But there is the god. If you “know,” then there is no god. It has not a negation that if you do “not know!” There is no negation for the “I know” that Satan brings to you. There is no word with Satan to be negated. There is no repentance for one who falls. Story of Adam is just a forewarning. The paradise is where you are.

You might ask me if I meant a symbol by salmons. All you read from prophets and philosophers and poets and writers and mathematician and physicists and others are symbols but not what a prophet tells directly to his contemporaries. They are hard material reality of the world. And lo and behold down there I can see the symbols in their real contents.

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