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Please note: Software of this page remains your original file un-touched.

Download the software from the download (click) page.


Put the "JAR" file somewhere in a folder in your computer.

Put the file to be split in the same folder. This is for convenience. You can brows to any place in your computer when using the software.


Double-click on the software "JAR" file to open it.

If you do not press "Enter" button, when required, just the text already there goes into the process and might not give your expected result.


Click on "Brows" button, and go to your target directory.


Enter a name for the created split segment files or accept the default name.


Please enter number of segments in the text field and then press on "Enter" in your computer keyboard. Then please click on "Split" button.


Usually after few seconds the splitting process is done.


Sliders are moved to show the results.


And here is your segment files in the directory next to the original


Book marks are dully split in continuation.


And they continue to the last segment. Last segment has few additional pages left at the end not divisible by number you selected (here 10).


Now I open the software to use the advanced splitting. Brows and selection of the segment names are like the previous described feature.

In this mode I divide the file into three arbitrary segments.

Then please click on the "Advanced" button.


A dialogue comes and asks you for the beginning page of the middle segment. This page includes in the middle segment. H

Here I selected "300" such that the first segment amounts to 299 pages.

If you select "1" then the segmentation starts from page "1" In this case the document will be divided into two parts based on the second input of yours.

I have handwritten the input value since Windows Snipping Tools I used for snap shots "gobbles" the input value.

Enter your desired value in the text field and click on "OK" button, or press "Enter" on your keyboard.


Having done that a second dialogue pops and ask you for the last page of the middle segment. Then please enter that value in the text field and click on "OK" button, or press "Enter" on your keyboard.

You can not enter the last page of your document as the last page of middle segment. If you like to divide a document in two segments, please divide it from page "1" say FROM "1" TO "400" not FROM "400" TO "end page number"

Here I enter page 700 (included) as the last page of the middle segment.

I do not need to do anything else, after second "OK." It starts the process immediately by itself.


Segments are shown after being processed.


Here is your directory with three segments next to the original.


And your files with split bookmarks


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