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Is there a secrete in millennium? I have created a rough chronology of messengers of God. Dates are not certain for humans. Already I discussed briefly if the time has any significance for God. I discuss further, but later.

  • Adam came to earth six thousand years ago.
  • After six hundred years came Noah. It was five thousand four hundred years ago.
  • After one thousand four hundred years came Abraham. It was four millennium ago, and two millennium after Adam.
  • After six hundred years came Moses. Almost three thousand four hundred years ago and two millennium after Noah.
  • Then after one thousand four hundred years Jesus Christ came to earth. It was two millennium after Abraham.
  • Six hundred years after him Muhammad came among people. It was two millennium after Moses.
  • Now it is one thousand four hundred years after Muhammad and two millennium after Jesus Christ.

Messiah said, "I am the Seventh, as promised."

  • The common phenomenon among them is that at the same time antichrist embodied as a human emerges among humans. Antichrist is known by man as Satan (means, a treacherous plotting enemy).
  • People mostly believe that it is only about Jesus Christ who faced with antichrist.
  • At any time antichrist has been described as different things. In story of Adam it is described as a snake.
  • Antichrist takes its embodiment to the highest positions among humans. It is so that in the story snake can penetrate into the highest place that god has endowed for man and his family.
  • This position is not that the man envies to reach; not that antichrist wants to rule over empires or having the treasures of the earth or other fulfilments known to man
  • Antichrist is the enemy of existence of human and it is a perfect enemy. Man is represented by Messiah who is the perfect human in essence of existence.
  • These two perfections are not those that man understand in material world. It is ontological. Jesus Christ said that he is the king and when derided, he clarified as being king of another realm.
  • Antichrist, Satan uses its power to reach to highest position of humans aggregate.What is that position of power. Antichrist also becomes king of some realm. What is that realm?
  • That realm has been described as the succumb of Eve to temptations of Satan to enjoy something from the Sanctuary, something forbidden. And the Eve should convince or intrigue Adam into that transgress.
  • Adam came to earth six thousand years ago.
  • Adam changed the world of humans in such a drastic way that people believed humans all are born from him.
  • Adam's story altered into a myth, a fable that all civilisations took it and shaped it in different interpretations of their own. Compare the idea of Prometheus stealing fire from gods in Greek mythology with the Satan being named as Lucifer in religious texts. Compare suffering of Prometheus with suffering of Jesus Christ.
  • Satan - antichrist - has poisoned all these stories. Messiah will uncover them as an archaeologist uncovers ancient artifact. Messiah produces an abstraction of them similar a scientist who produces abstraction of his observations
  • As nature of human mind compels these abstractions become inductive and future generations interprete them in different ways and on their inner inclinations from stiff attachment to blasphemously rejection.
  • Meanwhile, Satan penetrated into the inner sanctuary of man, the global mind of humans, continues poisoning them.
  • Men create a para-religion, accommodating all previous religions, myths, superstitions, rituals and philosophical thoughts, wealth and power making machinations as part of the new abstraction.
  • Different shades of para-religion at different times and different locations make it sometimes mystical, sometimes abhorring, sometimes poetical and romantic or even frequently scientific.
  • Abstraction of religion by Messiah is similar to abstraction of geometry from practical works of their predecessors builders. It is not paraphrase of myths and symbols. It is truth as human mind finds the or tries to find the truth of his world and beyond.

What are secrets of this story? People have tried to paraphrase fable of Adam in creation of human with no success. Some were followers of religions. Some were people who deny religions.

This story looks very childish in framework of any serious philosophy or theology after Socrates. After Socrates (and notwithstanding among many people before him) the idea of God playing with humans had been left arena of all theological debates. Let me recapitulate some elements of this story:

  • God created man (which was a male human) from some clay/mud material. This is acceptable that living things are from elements of earth.
  • God "blows" life into the non-living clay thing and it becomes alive as man. This is plausible, as we see that first living things are very mega large macro-molecules that upon receiving a threshold size they do not continue building up but start to make a copy of themselves. After finishing the copy they become separate and each one continues to build yet another faithful copy of himself. This we call life in our modern mind.
  • Suddenly an unknown creature appears hostile to creation of human, protesting god. In the story, it appears concurrent with creation. That could be interpreted as hostile forces of nature fighting back with life, hostile and annihilating to it.
  • This creature, described as Satan, can dispute with god. God arranged a test for Satan, enquired if he knew names, or words. Satan could not answer and replies that he only knows things that god had taught him not more. But man, described as Adam, could answer the question correctly. This part is very unacceptable and contradictory. God is almighty. Satan knows nothing but whatever god taught him. Still Satan disputes god, reasons that man will foul earth with sins and mischief. Satan swears that it remains hostile to man and intrigue and tempt him into sins. God can't overpower defying Satan and leaves Satan to be free to fulfil its devil plot against man. How god expects that man can overpower Satan?
  • Satan becomes disgruntled of all of these and rebels in face of almighty god and vows revenging human by all the time "tempting" him into "vice" and "sin."
  • God seems cooperating with Satan creates a "tempting" companion for man.
  • God created a female out of the body of the first man. It seems that modern science, as far as it can scrutinise, believes that base is female (seems correct to me if you remember basic biology lessons) and male is a deformed version of female. Reproduction of human and other living things are mostly become realised by female.
  • God puts the couple in a garden of comfort to live in eternal happiness and joy.
  • To be helpful to plot of Satan, god defines a "sin" for man, by forbidding man to consume from certain plant-from a tree or something.
  • Then, Satan trespasses the sacred realm, given to man by god, in the form of the most dreadful and horrifying creature known to man through the history, as a serpent. Could not be possible for Satan to appear as a more presentable being, for instance, as in the shape of a human being?

Satan comes to human in its most dreadful and horrifying form, but human succumbs to its temptation. How?

You look into its face and see that it is a serpent, but you accept it and honour it more than your dearest asset: "your own existence."

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