How to Sleep in Zen Relax

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When having a hard day's night or having to sleep in a noisy or unfriendly harsh environment, or when you need just few minutes of relaxing nap in such situations, sleeping could become a struggle for some people. This method could help you to control your sleep.


  1. Begin the practice from comfortable places.
  2. Do not use your bed. Instead, spread a blanket on a flat carpeted floor.
  3. Lie flat on your back with a thin pillow or cushion under your head.
  4. Start Zen by putting palms of your hands on the lower part of your chest, but not your abdomen. You should not feel any discomfort on your shoulder.
  5. Consolidate Your Fingers
    Inter-lock your hands together by putting fingers of one hand in between the fingers of the other hand, as if they are consolidated and whatever gets to tip of one hand flows into the other in a closed circuit and loops back through your body, again and again.
  6. Release your body. At this stage allow all your body "rains down" to the floor, as if you are an invertebrate. Release your body there, disconnected.
  7. Imagine a rectangle bigger than cross section of your tummy at your feet, perpendicular to your body, is moving from your feet slowly moves towards your head and brings all with it upper and upper towards your chest and neck and moves to go out of your scalp; all the time allow your body rains down. With repeat of this method you are in deep sleeping before the rectangle gets to your locked hands.
  8. Make the environment harsher. Upon success, gradually in next sessions, remove the blanket and pillow and try a wooden or paved floor. You can control duration and depth of your sleep in this way.


  • Whether, you are believing or not to mysticism or similar ideas, at the time of this practice put those learning aside.
  • Using this method, you will not enter a hypnotized state


  • Avoid sleeping on wet floors, such as an irrigated grass, whenever possible.
  • If you have a bad neck always use that thin pillow.